HV71 won against Oskarshamn despite Smejkal’s strange goal

HV71 won against Oskarshamn despite Smejkal’s strange goal
HV71 won against Oskarshamn despite Smejkal’s strange goal

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Jiri Smejkal failed to outwit Jonas Gunnarsson in the HV71 goal.

Nevertheless, the Oskarsham player got the goal approved.

– The referees claim that the puck had crossed the goal line, says the goalkeeper in C More.

HV71 took two very important points in the home match against Oskarshamn when Fredrik Forsberg became the hero on penalties until 4–3.

– Incredibly nice. Especially after what happened in the second period when we lost our lead, says goalkeeper Jonas Gunnarsson in C More.

Strange goal

But the talking point of the match was otherwise the visitors’ 1-1 goal at the beginning of the second period when Jiri Smejkal outwitted Jonas Gunnarsson on a free kick.

Or did he?

The goalkeeper moved the goal cage in connection with the finish when he shot from against the post. But instead of getting the power, he himself slid along with the target.

“Didn’t do it on purpose”

After video review, the goal was approved.

– In my eyes, I don’t do it on purpose, hand on heart. I think 95 percent of all goalkeepers do it. The referees claim that the puck would have crossed the goal line in a correct manner if the goal cage remained, I claim that I was not on the other side if it remained. I just wanted the push from the post, says Gunnarsson.

After regular time it was 3-3.

The victory means that the Jönköping club has five points up to Brynäs on safe ground.

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