Helena Duplantis on her love for husband Greg

Helena Duplantis on her love for husband Greg
Helena Duplantis on her love for husband Greg

On Thursday evening, athletics star Armand Duplantis makes the season premiere of his own pole vaulting gala “Mondo Classic” in Uppsala.

The next day, “Carina Bergfeldt” is broadcast on SVT, where his parents Helena and Greg appear – without their son – and talk about their backgrounds and lives.

The conversation touches on, among other things, how love arose between them when they met for the first time in 1986.

– What did I fall for? First of all, “opposites attract”. Our personalities are completely different. I think I was brainwashed, says Helena Duplantis, drawing laughter from the audience.

Both were successful athletes. During the 1980s, Helena was one of Sweden’s top juniors in all-around and Greg belonged to the absolute elite in pole vaulting in the USA.

Carina Bergfeldt’s dick to Greg Duplantis

Therefore, it is perhaps logical that it was in a training context that they met.

Helena tells the presenter Carina Bergfeldt:

– My mother and father visited and I was going to train over Christmas. Then mom asked, who is the pole vaulting guy over there? Super cute, he would be perfect for you.

– Then I came to the USA with a training partner. I still remember warming up and they said to me, you see that little guy over there? It’s unbelievable, he jumped 5.50 in the pole vault when he was in high school. And you know, he actually drives a BMW. And we’re in the US now Helena, so if he takes you out on a date, you don’t have to pay.

Greg Duplantis is then asked why he fell for Helena.

– She had blond hair, blue eyes and beautiful long legs.

Carina Bergfeldt then replies wittily, to the audience and the Duplantis’ great wealth:

– That was a very American answer!

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Armand Duplantis reacts to the pictures of himself

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