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Loreen receives millions as a gift from her boyfriend’s father

This is how it has gone for Sweden in Eurovision

After the commercial: This is how it has gone for Sweden in Eurovision


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Melodifestivalen and Loreen is a love story that can have a new gold-edged chapter when she 12 years after the victory with Euphoria in the Eurovision Song Contest appears for the third time.

Competing in mello with Tattoo

The singer and ELLE profile is a big favorite in the final with her contribution Tattoo – a song about the grass not being greener on the other side and that “it takes a little pain to feel true love,” as the 39-year-old artist put it in a recent interview with ELLE.

Loreen’s decision to have children: That’s why I choose other things over becoming a mother

Loreen is usually secretive about her love life, but during this year’s hit circus, boyfriend Charli Ljung has been glimpsed by her side on a couple of occasions.

Lives with boyfriend Charli Ljung on Gotland

And the couple seems to have joint future plans – outside of Stockholm. In the interview with Elle, Loreen talks about her cohabitation on Gotland, where she periodically lives with her boyfriend:

– We want people to be able to come there and get a haven. I really enjoy the country, this woman chops wood, fills the wood chip boiler and drives a tractor in Bottega shoes and Prada glasses.

According to Expressen, Loreen has received a share of a property in northern Gotland worth just over four million kroner, as a gift from her boyfriend’s father.

Charli Ljung’s father has sent in a deed of gift

Loreen’s “in-laws” run a facility on the island, which includes a hotel, restaurant and a marina. But in 2021, the couple started planning for son Charli and Loreen to take over the business and thus split up the land.

The Tax Agency then valued the property at roughly 8.3 million, according to Expressen, which writes that the boyfriend’s father has submitted a deed of gift to the Land Survey in which half of the property (to a value of just over 4.1 million kroner) was transferred to the son’s girlfriend.

Loreen’s mother’s struggle: “Lived below the subsistence minimum”

The agreement states that Loreen may not hand over her half or a share of the property without first offering Charli Ljung to buy it off for 90 percent of the current market value.

In mid-December last year, Loreen accepted the terms and signed the agreement and has since been the owner of the property in northern Gotland.

loreen euphoria eurovision

In 2012, Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song Euphoria, written by Thomas G:son and Peter Boström.


However, whether children are included in the future plans is not clear, the artist has previously expressed.

Loreen about not longing for children

In an interview with Aftonbladet, on the contrary, Loreen questioned the expected norm of becoming a parent.

– There is talk that life becomes complete if you have children. Why? For some, life may be complete then, but for others it won’t be. It is not a matter of course to become a parent – there are many who, for various reasons, cannot have children. Some are meant to be mothers or fathers and think it’s the most fun there is. But I think other things are fun, said Loreen, who has also had her mother with her as support during the journey with Melodifestivalen 2023.

Loreen Talhaoui with mother Choumicha Talhaoui-Hansson

Loreen Talhaoui with mother Choumicha Talhaoui-Hansson during the Melodifestivalen 2017. In this year’s mello, she competes with the winning song Tattoo.

Photo: Karin Törnblom/TT

– The women on my mother’s side are strong women who have fought for their independence and freedom. I think it goes on for generations, there is something that… it’s like a calling I have, a very strong force within me and I think it exists within everyone, in different ways, says Loreen to ELLE.

Loreen on love life: “Vulnerable and open”

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