Abode launches affordable home alarm starter kit


Abode is launching an affordable home alarm starter kit with a hub, a sensor and a remote control. Support is available for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The American company Abode is now launching an affordable home alarm starter kit. The Abode Security Kit comes with a Security Hub, a sensor and a remote control, and more products can be added if needed. The product is aimed at the users left in the lurch when Google announced it was retiring its older home alarm, Nest Secure. In other words, the Abode Security Kit will work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa but not with Apple Home. Apple Home support, on the other hand, exists for their higher priced home alarm solution.

The home alarm can be installed on your own and via the Abode app it is possible to see recorded material from the Nest Doorbell, but for other cameras it is only possible with live streaming. For some features, a subscription ($7/mo) with Abode will be required, such as automations of other Nest products such as cameras and thermostats.

The hub has a built-in siren of 93 decibelssupport for 4G connection in the event of a lost connection at home, as well as a battery backup should the power go out.

Recommended price is at US$159.99. Whether the company’s products will be launched on this side of the Atlantic remains to be seen, but as Abode is now owned by Italian Nice, it is not impossible. More information is available on the company’s website.

Source: The Verge

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