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For sale: Magped Enduro2 200N |

For sale: Magped Enduro2 200N |
For sale: Magped Enduro2 200N |

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Have a pair of magped Enduro2 200N for sale.

Not my thing at all.
Mounted, immediately felt that I could not be stuck.
Insanely expensive pedals that you can now cut at a ridiculously low price.
There is a set of extra pins included.

The pedals have not experienced either the forest or the park, but only a turn on the street for 4 minutes.

The price is insanely good for these insanely expensive pedals, so if you’re in the mood, you should cut it right away.
Can’t stand farts and stuff like that.
If they are not sold at the set price, they go to metal recycling instead.

The price is SEK 500. Plus possible shipping.
Payment via Swish.
Otherwise available in Nacka


Award: SEK 500
Year model: 2022
County: Stockholm
Place: Salt Lake Baths
Published: 4 hours ago

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