Now you can download iOS 17 to your phone

Now you can download iOS 17 to your phone
Now you can download iOS 17 to your phone

The new IOS 17 was presented during the summer Apple conference WWDC and now the sharp launch has taken place. The new software is available to download for Apple’s mobile devices and offers a number of improvements.

The new software offers, among other things, the new Airdrop function Namedrop, which facilitates the sharing of contact information between two phones by bringing them together. A similar feature called Shareplay has been added to easily share music and other entertainment between phones to jointly play games or music together.

Furthermore, the new software offers other improvements such as the ability to change the image displayed when someone calls you, the ability to leave video messages when via Facetime, voice message transcription and improved auto-correction of messages. When the phone is charging, it is also now possible to have the phone automatically display various types of relevant information such as the clock, weather or music player.

The Messages app has also received some love in the form of improved search functionality, the ability to create and send stickers from your photos, real-time location sharing, and the ability to swipe right on a message to reply to it.

The iPhone X pays for itself

The new software can be downloaded to all iPhone devices from the iPhone XR to the new iPhone 14 and the second generation iPhone SE. This means that iPhone 8, iPhone X and older devices have received their last major iOS update.

In addition to IOS 17, Apple has also released version 17 of the iPad software, tvOS 17 and WatchOS 10, which can be downloaded via the respective Apple device.

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