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Kiliaro makes the Internet a better place.

Kiliaro makes the Internet a better place.
Kiliaro makes the Internet a better place.

We’re all painfully aware of how easily the younger generation can waste hours endlessly scrolling and swiping on social media – and how exhausted our brains can be. This is a dark reality that in recent years has crept more and more into our everyday life. Many tech companies know exactly what to do to trigger our brains’ reward systems and it’s horrifying to see how so much of the internet is flooded with hate, fear and mind-dead, worthless content.

The world is currently in the midst of a critical time that will in many ways define our century. A time where we not only need to solve difficult challenges around the climate, mental illness and prevailing dictatorships. But then we also need to take a step back and redefine the internet. And it needs to happen now. We can’t wait. If we are to succeed in creating a brighter future for all new generations, it is up to all of us who are adults today to develop alternative solutions that promote creativity and development.

That’s why I’m so passionate about Kiliaro. We are not involved in any alternative energy solutions or space research, but I am still convinced that we are doing our part to create a better future.

We created Kiliaro because we felt there was a need for a safe and inspiring place on the Internet. A place where you can share your life memories with your real friends, free from all the addictive noise and nonsense. It may not be able to change the whole world. But it can make the Internet a better place. A place the way the internet should be.

/Arian Bahrami
CPO and Co-founder

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