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Rega Elex MK4: Finally with digital inputs

Rega aren’t known for launching new products anyway, so when they do, there’s usually a reason for it.

We tested the integrated Elex-R back in 2016, and for the price it did a lot right. It imitated high-end sound with great conviction, and the only complaints were the absence of digital inputs, the small remote control and the slight play of the volume knob on the test sample.

Photo: Rega

Now the successor has arrived and the Elex MK4 addresses at least one of the complaints.

The Elex MK4 has a slightly polished look, with the audio sources listed along the front rather than vertically to the left of the volume knob. But there is still no doubt that this is a Rega Elex amplifier.

Digital inputs

Where the predecessor completely lacked digital inputs, the Elex MK4 has two; one coaxial and one optical.

The digital conversion takes place with Rega’s own DAC circuit, built around a Wolfson DAC circuit and Rega’s own output amplifier at the end. Rega assures us that “the analog part of the circuit is not affected at all by the digital inputs.”

ELEX MK4 GALLERY 7 1 scaled 1
Finally, it has digital inputs. The turntable input is of course also still in place. Photo: Rega

Turntable input

Rega are perhaps best known for their turntables, so it’s nice that they have taken this heritage into account with a turntable input on the Elex MK4. This one is MM type, which means you need a high voltage turntable from the pickup. Don’t worry, the vast majority of pickups are of this type.

ELEX MK4 GALLERY 9 1 scaled 1
Photo: Rega

Darlington transistors

The power is exactly the same, 2 x 72 watts into 8 ohms and Darlington transistors from Sanken. In short, two bipolar transistors are connected so that the current amplified by the first transistor is further amplified by the next. This creates a more efficient amplification than if the two transistors were to work separately from each other.

The digital and analog power supplies are galvanically isolated from each other so as not to affect each other. Lower noise floors should be the result.

Rega himself believes that the Elex MK4 should deliver the “purest musical performance” in its class, something we plan to test in the near future.

ELEX MK4 GALLERY 5 1 scaled 1
Photo: Rega

Rega Elex MK4: price and availability

The Rega Elex MK4 is expected to be in stock in January for 1200 British pounds, about 15,000 kroner.

More info:

The Swedish distributor is Digitalbild

The article is in Swedish

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