Belgium’s team is rocked by internal conflicts, according to L’Equipe

Belgium’s team is rocked by internal conflicts, according to L’Equipe
Belgium’s team is rocked by internal conflicts, according to L’Equipe

The Belgian national team is second in the world ranking. In addition, it is a team full of world stars at the individual level. With that also comes high expectations.

But exactly the expectations Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne have not lived up to in the World Cup opening.

First, Canada was defeated without convincing the team. But after the 2-0 loss against Morocco, the team is quite fired up before the end of the group stage.

In addition to the riots on the streets of Brussels after the aforementioned match, it seems to be boiling emotionally even within the walls of the dressing room. Among other things, De Bruyne has said the following about his team’s golden chances:

– No chance, we are too old.

After the Morocco match, Eden Hazard was pessimistic.

– To be honest, I think we had a better chance to win four years ago.

Belgium’s attacking star had to separate his teammates

Jan Verthongen was also critical, and he poked De Bruyne.

– What went wrong? We’re too bad offensively and it’s because we’re too old, that must be it? We have a lot of quality up front, but so have Morocco and they came out better today. It is very frustrating.

Now the French L’Équipe reports that the rift in the national team is huge. Among other things, because of a dissatisfaction with the national team captain Roberto Martinez. But above all, it is the players’ relationships, or non-relations, with each other that rub off.

Part of the dissatisfaction must simply be based on the public comments made. So much so that Romelu Lukaku had to separate Verthongen and De Bruyne after the statements in the media. The whole thing is described as a “lively brawl” in which even Eden Hazard is said to have been involved.

On that, several players reportedly refuse to talk to each other completely sonically. That applies to superstars De Bruyne and Courtois. On that, the attacking ace Michy Batshuayi is stated and mentioned Lukaku “not to be best friends”.

And the thing about refusing to talk to each other… Eden Hazard and Leandro Trossard don’t either, says the newspaper’s source.

Confirms: “There are tensions in the group”

In other words, there is a chilly atmosphere in the team. Most clearly, according to the data, is the fact that the players are no longer careful about running over each other in the media. According to RTL Sport, the atmosphere in the team is “explosive”.

Some players must also have a lot of views and objections to Roberto Martinez’s way of leading the team, which has created discord. “Lack of leadership” is a description of it.

L’Équipe also reports that the Belgian national team must have had a crisis meeting on Monday.

– There are tensions in the group. It is natural. The players have played together for a very long time, it’s like a family. If there are no tensions or disagreements in a family, it is because you have no feelings, Roberto Martinez is said to have told RMC Sport.

The question is, will the team come together enough to save themselves in the WC on Thursday?

Riots in Brussels after Belgium against Morocco

Riots in Brussels after Belgium’s World Cup match

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