The wave of violence is growing – new shooting in Stockholm

The wave of violence is growing – new shooting in Stockholm
The wave of violence is growing – new shooting in Stockholm

At 18:00 on Friday, a new shooting occurred in Stockholm. This time at a residential building in the Fruängen district in southern Stockholm.

According to the police, there are gunshot wounds at an apartment door, but no one who was in the apartment that was shot at has been injured in connection with the incident. During Friday evening, a major police operation is underway in the area and no suspect has been arrested.

– We are carrying out technical investigations and I have no information about any detainees in the case, says Per Fahlström, the police’s spokesperson in the Stockholm region.

– Investigative measures are underway and the site is cordoned off.

Refused to stop for the police

Shortly after, the police had another case in the Stockholm region. At 19:00 on Friday evening, a car refused to stop for the police and a car chase began.

The chase began at Hammarbyhöjden and culminated at Gullsmarsplan, where the car crashed. In connection with the collision, two people were arrested, while the third person who was in the car fled the scene.

– The two people who remained in the car are arrested and they are suspected of serious weapons offenses because there were weapons in the car, says Per Fahlström.

Is this connected to the case in Fruängen?

– I have no information about that, but it is something that we are looking at.

And can this be traced back to the recent unrest in Stockholm?

– In this type of case, we always investigate whether there is a connection between the events.

All three arrested persons are now suspected of serious weapons offences. According to information to Expressen, two of those arrested were under the age of 15, and in the crashed car the police allegedly found an automatic weapon.

The two suspects have been taken to hospital, but their injuries are unclear.

Only at 21:00 on Friday evening was the third person who was in the car that the police chased arrested. According to the police, this is a 25-year-old man.

Two more shootings

Shortly before 10 p.m., the police were alerted to another shooting at an address in Huvudsta centrum in Solna. There the police found a lifeless man. At 11:30 p.m., the police announced that his life could not be saved.

“A preliminary investigation regarding murder has been initiated and criminal investigation measures are underway,” the police write on their website.

Later in the night towards Saturday, at around 01.45, gunfire was heard once again – this time at a villa in Tumba in Botkyrka.

– They shot into a villa door. There were people in the home, but no one was injured, says Pontus Sandulf, officer on duty at the police, to TT.

A preliminary investigation into attempted murder has been launched.

An apartment was fired upon in Farsta in southern Stockholm earlier in the week. Photo: Nils Petter Nilsson/TT

The wave of violence is growing

The events of the evening and night are one of many acts of violence that have hit Stockholm in the recent period. In the past week alone, there have been four shootings in Stockholm.

All the shootings have been against residential buildings in different parts of Stockholm. Two of them in Farsa and one in Husby.

In addition to that, there have also been four explosions, one of which occurred in an apartment building in Skarpnäck during Friday evening. The others have been against a restaurant in Södermalm, a business building in Kista and a residential building in Årsta.

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