Roger Bullman fled for four years – turned up in Oslo

Roger Bullman fled for four years – turned up in Oslo
Roger Bullman fled for four years – turned up in Oslo

It was at the end of August 2019 that Roger Bullman, then 53, was in Thailand for a two-week holiday. Once at his hotel in Phuket, the former bodyguard and martial arts expert began singing opera, which degenerated into an argument with British hotel neighbor Amitpal Singh Bajaj, 34.

Roger Bullman made his way over to the neighbor’s balcony and into the family’s room. A fight broke out there, whereupon he killed the neighbor.

– They fought, and with the help of his military background, the Norwegian strangled the victim, Techin Deethongon of the police previously told Phuket News.

In police questioning, Bullman admitted that he killed his victim, but that it must have been an accident. When he was later released on bail, he disappeared without a trace – and has been on the run for four years.

“I’m in bad shape”

Now Roger Bullman has appeared again. Using a fake passport, he flew from Thailand to Norway last week, landing at Oslo’s Gardemoen airport on May 27, Norwegian TV2 reports.

On the spot, he was asked how it felt to be home again.

– It feels unreal. Very strange, he said according to TV2.

– I’m in bad shape, but I don’t want to go into it. I’m going to the emergency room. I have nowhere to live either, so maybe they can help me, he continued.

Roger Bullman described his desire to spend time with his daughter, whom he has not seen for four years.

At the same time, the police have been notified of his return home. Four years after the incident, Bullman blasphemes that it was “a tragedy”, but that he acted in emergency defence. His will is to serve a possible sentence in his home country, writes TV2.

In Thailand, Bullman faced up to 15 years in prison for manslaughter.

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