Thiago Seyboth Wild’s Nazi connection revealed

Thiago Seyboth Wild’s Nazi connection revealed
Thiago Seyboth Wild’s Nazi connection revealed

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Thiago Seyboth Wild, 23, was responsible for a mega bang in the French Open.

Privately, it blows – with criminal suspicions and Nazi accusations.

He taught Hitler about life”, he allegedly wrote about a relative in a WhatsApp message.

In the first round of the French Open, Brazilian Thiago Seyboth Wild knocked out world number two Daniil Medvedev.

In the third round, there was a rematch where he fell against the Japanese Yoshiito Nishioka.

Now the 23-year-old has ended up in really bad weather at home in Brazil. Wild is suspected of domestic abuse against his former girlfriend. Now the Brazilian newspaper O Globo has published WhatsApp conversations between the parties, where the tennis player reveals that parts of his family are Nazis. He didn’t want to keep it a secret from her.

Your mom doesn’t like gays, blacks, or Jews, right?”, the girl wrote.

On my mother’s side, my family are Nazis, literally.”, Wild confirmed.

“Was Hitler’s predecessor”

His family is said to have emigrated to Brazil after the Second World War.

My mother’s father’s father was Hitler’s predecessor. He was the one who brought Hitler from Austria and taught him about life,” he wrote in a message, according to O Globo.

The conversation is said to be from 2019, and after the loss, Seyboth Wild was asked about the leaked messages.

– I don’t think it’s something we should talk about here. You can write whatever you want, he said according to Express.

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Thiago Seyboth Wild.
Thiago Seyboth Wild. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images
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Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler. Photo: TT NEWS AGENCY

Brass’s answer

The 23-year-old has addressed the whole thing in a statement to O Globo.

– Regarding certain articles and messages published this week about me, I would like to point out that the ongoing proceedings in Brazil, as well as a criminal proceeding in which I appear as a victim, are covered by confidentiality. This means that I cannot speak out, comment or reveal conversations, which should also apply to the other party, he said.

The article is in Swedish

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