Drone blown up in Bulgaria

Drone blown up in Bulgaria
Drone blown up in Bulgaria

An explosive drone suddenly appeared near the Bulgarian tourist resort.

Now it has been blown up by the military.

– We can safely assume that it is related to the war, announced Defense Minister Todor Tagarev.

A bomb disposal group from the Bulgarian army has today carried out a controlled explosion of an armed drone near the town of Tyulenovi, which is located on the Bulgarian coast. This is stated by the Ministry of Defense in a statement after the drone was found yesterday.

The drone is said to have carried explosives and was too dangerous to move.

Carrying out a controlled explosion of the craft at the location where it was found was judged to be the only option. Something that was determined after the army unit inspected the drone and judged that it would be impossible to move it to another location.

“Increasing risks to our safety”

Where the drone comes from or how it ended up on the coast of Bulgaria has not been announced, but according to Defense Minister Todor Tagarev, it most likely has to do with the war in Ukraine.

– We can safely assume that it is related to the war that Russia started against Ukraine, Todor Tagarev said on Monday.

– This war is inevitably associated with increasing risks to our security, he continued later.

The city of Tyulenovo is across from the Crimean peninsula, which has become a common target for Ukrainian drones. The city is also 70 kilometers south of Romania where fragments from what is believed to be a drone were found. How it ended up in Romania is believed to be after Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports along the Danube River.

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Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev on the right. Photo: Virginia Mayo/AP

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