Russian drones over western Ukraine

Russian drones over western Ukraine
Russian drones over western Ukraine

People have been urged to seek shelter, including by the mayor of Lviv via the Telegram app. Lviv is not that far from the border with Poland and is not usually so prone to attacks, but in August three people were killed there.

The attacks take place at the same time that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj arrived in New York for the UN General Assembly. A dominant topic during the days the General Assembly is held is expected to be the war in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy will speak both before the General Assembly’s 193 countries on Tuesday and to the 15 countries of the UN Security Council, where Russia is one of five permanent members.

Before the meeting, the Ukrainian president has been extremely critical of today’s UN and questions whether it is reasonable that “Russian terrorists” are allowed to keep their place.

– It is a question that all UN members should ask themselves, said Zelensky when he visited Ukrainian soldiers who are being treated for their injuries at a hospital in New York.

After the impact in New York, he will continue to Washington for meetings with the US Congress and US President Joe Biden.

Representatives of Russia and China have met before the General Assembly. According to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia and China are closely aligned in their view of how to act in the world, in terms of “anti-Russian” and “anti-Chinese” statements, and in their view of how a solution to the conflict in Ukraine can be achieved. It cannot be done without Russian participation and without safeguarding Russia’s interests, according to the statement.


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