Sunak: China’s Growing Challenge | GP

Sunak: China’s Growing Challenge | GP
Sunak: China’s Growing Challenge | GP

At the Lord Mayor’s annual banquet in London, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak turned his attention to China. He described the country as a challenge to British values ​​and interests, a challenge growing more acute as China moves toward authoritarianism.

Therefore, the treatment towards China needs to be developed, Sunak reasons.

– Let me be clear, the so-called golden age is over, along with the naive idea that trade automatically leads to social and political reform.

Want to deepen partnership

He avoided describing China as a threat, however, promising to stand up to global competitors with “robust pragmatism”, which does not just mean technology and arms investments.

– But by dramatically increasing the quality and depth of our partnerships with like-minded allies around the world, Sunak said, and mentions the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan, among others.

He also criticized China for cracking down on the widespread protests in the country instead of listening to them, and demanded that the media and politicians must be allowed to highlight such problems without risk of sanctions.

“West not weak”

Sunak says there was an image of the West as weak after the fall of Kabul, the pandemic and the economic crisis, but that the West’s support for Ukraine has proven otherwise.

– Sweden and Finland join NATO, Germany increases its defense budget and partners as far away as Australia, Japan and South Korea stand by our side.


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