The Motala man broke into women’s homes and raped | Crimea

The Motala man broke into women’s homes and raped | Crimea
The Motala man broke into women’s homes and raped | Crimea

For several years, 35-year-old Motala man Mohamed Nour Alothman has spread terror in the residential area. In questioning, several neighbors have told how he exposed himself to them and made unwanted advances. At the same time, women’s underwear has disappeared in the laundry while he has been there.

Now he is also a convicted rapist.

Last week, the Linköping district court sentenced Alothman to four and a half years in prison for two rapes and several burglaries of women in the local area.

All the crimes for which he is convicted were committed within the space of a month this summer. None of the affected women knew Mohamed Nour Alothman from before.

Climbed in through open balcony

He is sentenced for the following events:

June 9: Mohamed Nour Alothman offers a woman carrying help. When they reach her front door, he asks for a glass of water. The woman goes into the kitchen and fills a glass. When she turns around, he is standing behind her, inside the apartment. He wrestles her to the ground and rapes her. After the rape, he steals her phone and keys before disappearing.

June 28: During the night, Mohamed Nour climbs Alothman up on a balcony. He manages to get into the home because the door is ajar. He attacks the lone woman and wrestles her to the ground. While he is raping her, she manages to grab his hand and bites until it starts to bleed. He then disappears from the scene.

July 1-5: Sometime in early July, a woman is the victim of a burglary. She gets rid of a bag, apartment keys, groceries, underwear and other belongings. The items are later found at Mohamed Nour Alothman’s home.

July 3: During the night, Mohamed Nour Alothman climbs into a woman’s home through an open window. The woman is not at home at the time. When she gets home, she notices that she is missing a bag, apartment keys, phone, passport, underwear, headphones, jewelry and other things that are later found with Mohamed Nour Alothman.

Returned to the crime scene

The Motala man is sentenced for another crime – attempted burglary on July 5. He then returned to the same apartment he had broken into two days before. He tried in vain to open the door with the stolen key but the woman had already changed the lock. She was in the home and was able to quickly alert the police. It eventually led to the arrest of Mohamed Nour Alothman.

In the Motala man’s apartment, the police found a large number of women’s underwear and a bag of keys. In several of the cases, it has been possible to connect it to stolen goods from the various burglaries. In other cases, the origin of the objects is unknown.

During the trial, Mohamed Nour Alothman denied any wrongdoing. However, he could not provide any explanation as to how his DNA in the form of sperm and blood ended up in the homes of the raped women.

– I can state that the district court shares my opinion that there was very clear evidence in the case because he is sentenced according to the indictment, says prosecutor Helene Gestrin.

“Very long prison sentence”

At the end of the trial, she requested a “very long prison sentence”, without specifying further.

Was this what you had in mind?

– I had envisioned something longer than this. Now I have to read through the district court’s assessment before I can judge whether I should appeal or not, says Gestrin.

Alothman, who originally comes from Syria, received a permanent residence permit in Sweden in 2014. In connection with the trial, prosecutor Gestrin requested that he be deported from the country. When the district court announced its verdict, the deportation claim was rejected. Among other things, the court refers to a recently abolished provision that requires “extraordinary reasons” to deport someone who has had a residence permit for more than four years.

Mohamed Nour Alothman has previously been convicted of sexual offences. Three years ago, he was convicted of sexual molestation after he sexually assaulted underage girls on various occasions. He approached a girl and pawed under her skirt. The second he exposed himself at a bathing place. None of the girls had had any contact with him before.

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